Tuition Class ID C713820
Offer Date 2021-01-05 21:59:02
Location 115 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 650115 (Search for Map)
Student Level Pre-school
Subject English, Chinese
No. of Student 1
No. of Class Weekly 1
Duration of the Class 1 (h)
Preferred Tuition Day Tuesday and Friday
Preferred Time 4pm
Preferred Race Any Race
Preferred Gender Any
Parent's Budget $25/hr
Remark My daughter is si hui qing (english name hana), born in march 2019. She is very sensitive and likes to observe and shy to interact with ppl other than family members. She may be scared of stranger and cry. Currently we have been communicating with her in chinese, seldom in english. The purpose of me engaging private tutor is to develop her dialogue/conversation/interpersonal skills. There no need for a serious class. The aim is to engage her in dialogues and provide her an environment of spoken language. Guess it would be more effective to teach through games. There is no formal study goal. Just to let her feel confident and comfortable to talk verbally as much as possible. The most important is for her to learn to interact with others comfortably and be confident to speak up.

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Date of Application: 22/01/2021
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