Explore A Child’s Learning Potential With Private Tuition

5 June, 2011 by Jackie Wong

M ost people conveniently associate the need for private tuition with poor academic results. In actual fact, there are good reasons why outstanding students should engage themselves in tuition sessions as well.

While these children have demonstrated their academic excellence through their examination results, relying purely in learning in class can severely limit their learning potential. In a classroom setting, due to the high students to teacher ratio, teachers are often forced to progress the syllabus at a pace that allows breathing space for poorer students to catch up. Such method become a hindrance to quick learners who have understood what they have studied, but see their enthusiasm to advance curbed by the lack of proper guidance.

Force Braking

After a prolonged period of slowing down and waiting, students may begin to lose their interest and drive. Their passion for knowledge will slowly dwindle into complacency as they realise they are better than their peers. If this negative mindset is allowed to cultivate, the students will steadfastly lose all the momentum and advantages they have gained.

Personalised Curriculum

Private tutors are able to design personalised curriculums that ensure children continued to be challenged to learn. Institutions are ill-equipped to cater to the needs of individual students, something that private tutors can afford. By giving students undivided attention and closely monitoring their progress to sustain gradual development, children can break free of the barriers imposed by the school’s educational structure and realise their true potential.

Preparation For Exams

Another good reason why students who are doing well in school should go for private tuition is to optimise the time available to prepare for examinations. Private tutors can help students who are ahead of their classes to advance through the syllabus faster. This will create a bigger time window to prepare for the important mid-year and year-end examinations.

Why start preparations along with the rest of the class when your child can do it much earlier?

The notion that private tuition is only for children struggling to keep up with their school curriculum is totally unfound. Good students should engage in private tuition as well so that their learning is not hindered by the pace of the class and to allow more time to prepare for examinations. The only way to maximise your child’s potential is by enabling personalised learning void of the constraints of a classroom environment.


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