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Pavarne Shantti
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  • Science
  • Science
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"Every child can learn! "
Hi, I am currently a researcher and I study marine science, climate change and marine ecology. I am familiar with the biology and geography syllabus. My teaching style is interactive and experiential. Can teach all steams (NT, NA, Express, G1, G2 or G3)
I've helped primary school students. 1) Primary 3 started with failing maths and science, got approx 60/100 at the end of year 2) Primary 4 started with failing english, maths and science, got passing grates for all at the end of year 3) Primary 3 started with 50/100 maths and science, got approx 70/100 at the end of year 4) Primary 5 started with 60/100 maths and science, got approx 80/100 at the end of year
I graduated from Otago University with a BSc in Science, Major in Zoology. I have 3 scientific journals published and more will be published soon.