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Evangeline Tan
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NUS 4 Chemistry
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  • Elementary Maths
  • Maths
  • Science

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"Practice makes perfect, but I'll try my best to cultivate your child's passion in the subjects!"
Maths has been my favorite subject since young. I am experienced with secondary maths, especially Amaths. I do not believe in memorizing step by step, but I believe in simplifying steps for the students. I am patient and will explain till the student understands (using unique ways e.g rap). I will also provide handwritten notes for major topics such as trigonometry and differentiation. As for science, I am a science student, so I am able to explain to students from a scientific perspective and simplify them to make them understand better. I will also teach them how to answer questions correctly in order to score points.
Previous sec 1 maths/science student improved from E8 to A1 for Science and C6 to A2 for Maths. Previous A/E maths student improved from D7 in sec 3 to A2 in o level.
O level - net L1R5 = 4 A level - 80/90 NUS - Current grades are in second upper class