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JIN Zhi Yan
Public Transport

Education Background & Teaching Experience

Part-Time Tutor   
University Undergraduate   
Bachelor's Degree
Singapore Management University
Bachelors of Business Management
IP Programme (Dunman High School )
University/Polytechnic: Years of study Course/Specialization:
Singapore Management University 4 Business Management
Teaching Experience Years of experience Name of school, tuition centre, or institution
Part-Time Tutor 1 Private tuition


  • English
  • Science

Travel Area

Travel Area

  • Admiralty
  • Sembawang
  • Woodlands
  • Yishun


"Teaching kids the right way to approach questions "
I am a tutor who is aware of the child's needs and morale - while teaching the student through asking guiding questions to help him or her work through how to dissect questions, I will make sure to add in small wins, such as through MCQs or noting their improvements, to help them sustain the effort.
I have worked with 2 Primary school students who have achieved better results in class, in English and Science. This is feedback the school teacher who took notice.
Magna Cum Laude in SMU Was on Dean's List for all 4 years in University Previously received EAGLES award Was in the Integrated Programme