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Daryl Lim Yu Tian
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Hillview Avenue , singapore

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Higher Secondary/Pre-U/A Level
Nanyang Junior College
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Singapore Management University 4 Business Administration
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Part-Time Tutor 5 Private tutor for English, Geography and Social St


  • English
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Geography/ SS

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  • Bukit Gombak
  • Choa Chu Kang
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"Moulding the future of our nation"
As a tutor, the aim for me is to teach my students on how to improve in the fastest way possible, hence I have helped many students who are failing English, Geography and social studies to pass it and then improve further if the student has the sufficient runway to do it. (Foreign students I took who had an extremely poor grasp of English have gotten a pass and beyond in the O level within a few months through intense practice and revision) This is done by teaching them different strategies and key points to take note of to tackle the paper, all of which I have learnt and used during my past exams. The rest of the lesson plan towards the exam is to practice these strategies to tackle the different papers and to also refine those strategies to the needs of the students to allow them to better improve their capabilities in the subject taught. I strongly believe in the notion that "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I emphasize heavily on the importance of “paper strategy” planning to my students so that they would be clear on the steps and strategies to apply for the examinations in each component of the paper, and hence be in “the zone” the minute the invigilator says "You may begin”.
Geography & Social Studies Student: Cheryl Taught her Social studies & Geography, for Social Studies in 2016. I focused specifically on the SBQ section, her grades for SS went from C6 to A1 in less than 3 months of coaching. (SBQ section) For Geog, her focus was on the essay, and it improved from a B4 to an A1. She got an A1 for her O levels 2016. Student: Jessica Coached her in Social Studies and Geography, and her average grades improve from a B4 to A2 for the O levels 2017. (SS: SBQ focus, and Geog: Data-response focus) Student: Samantha Coached her in Geography and her grade improved from a C6 to a B3 for SA2 2018 after 5 months with diligent revision. Student: Charmaine Coached her in social studies and her grade improved from a C6 to a B3 for SA2 2018 in the span of 2 months Student: Anthony Student got a B3 from a C5 for the 2018 Prelim after 6 months of continuous revision and practice. Student: Adabell Student got a B3 for the first time in her secondary school life for Social studies from a fail for the continual assessment in 2019 for Social studies source base question only after 1 month of tuition. Student also got a pass for the first time in her secondary school life for Geography from a fail for the prelims 2019 after only 1 month of tuition. She attained a B3 in the recent N level 2019, having been failing combined humanities for nearly her entire sec 3 and early sec 4 life before I began teaching her. English: Student Names: Jason & Michelle -Taught 2 students English in September 2014, 1 in P6, the other in sec 2. After 5 months of teaching, both of them have improved from failing the subject to passing it with a C and B grade respectively. They had attained a B and an A2 in the final SA2. Both were in the 30 marks range before they began English tuition. Student Name: Jessica -Ex Sec 4 student improved on her oral from 19m-22m in a span of less than 1 month of coaching, and had achieved a B3 for her prelims and A2 for O levels from a borderline D7 before tuition began in March 2016. Student Name: Zainal -Another ex Sec 3 student of mine (2016) is scoring an avg of B3 in his common tests and mid year, obtaining an A2 for the final SA2, and A2 for the O levels (2017) Name of Student: Zhi Yang In the 2016 Mid years, one of my student whom I have taught for approximately 8 months , have improved his English results from a D7 in his SA2 2015 to a B4 in his SA1 2016. (He had scored a B3 for the recent N-level exam) Name of Student: XI Lin (Foreign student) -A Sec 4 student of mine in 2017 has scored a B4 for her English mid terms from a failing grade as she had a weak foundation in English given that she is from china. She has improved in the span of less than 7 months. She attained a B3 for the O levels 2017. Name of Student: Chen Guo Dong (Foreign student) -Another Sec 4 student from China has improved from a fail grade (E8) in the prelims to a C5 for the O levels after less than 2 months of tuition nearing the O levels. He is currently in Hwa Chong Institution, but would not be able to get in if he had continued to fail his English. Name of Student: Ryan Sec 3 student of mine has scored an A2 for his English in the Final Year exams. (2017) In the Sec 4 N level (2018), he got an A1 for his N level examinations for 2018. Name of Student: Wei Hao -Another student I taught for the Sec 4 O level (2018) got a C5 for his English Prelims and a B3 for the Sec 4 O levels, having been getting an F9 before he came under my tutelage for 4 months.
External Academic: Lee Kuan Yew Venture Capital Associate Program Nanyang Business School : Certificate of Completion in Financial Management