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Chong Hey Ee
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Jurong East Street 13, singapore

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Pioneer Junior College
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NUS 4 Science/Medicinal Chemistry
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Part-Time Tutor 2 private


  • Elementary Maths
  • Additional Maths

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"Results is a product of hard work and talent, hence zero hard work equals zero results"
Race, Gender, Age: Chinese, Female, 21 (as of 2020) School: National University of Singapore Years of tutoring experience: 2 years Qualifications Subjects taught: O level Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics Tutor's grades for subjects taught: A1 for both, A for H2 Mathematics as well
Testimonials from students who were taught by tutor: 1. Very nice and friendly tutor! Even though she looks very fierce, she can make me feel comfortable with her because she likes to share stories. She will make me do a lot of papers and would make time to meet me more to clarify my doubts in person when I was doing my O level. She is also very smart because she knows how to do the question immediately and explain to me nicely how to do the question ( not only the steps, but also the thinking process ). She makes AMaths very fun for me because she herself is also very fun lol Anyone would be lucky to have Miss chong as their tutor grade: B4 to A1 2. miss chong is a very nice and strict tutor. she pushes me to always aim higher whenever i can. she recommends me assessment books that she has used before when she was taking O levels and has given me more than enough practice papers to do. whenever i have doubts whilst doing exam papers that my school has given me, she will patiently clarify them and ensures that i understand the concept fully. she cares about her students very much even though she can look very fierce at first but she is actually very nice and hopes for what is best for her students :) i would recommend miss chong to anyone struggling with maths and amaths :):) grade: maths - C5 to A2, amaths - C5 to B3 3. miss chong is very funny and she feels more like a friend than a tutor. i remembered she made the effort to know me better (strengths and weaknesses) on the first day of lesson. she also helped to buy assessment books and print exam papers for me to do so that i would have more than enough practice before my O level. thank you miss chong for helping me score A1 for amaths! i would not have done it without you!
A1 for O level Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. A for A level H2 Mathematics