For Job's Status: In Progress - Parents are in the process of choosing the most suitable tutor. Our consultant will contact you by phone call if you are shortlisted.

For Job's Status: Closed - The tuition class has been offered to shortlisted tutors.

We regret that only shortlisted tutor will be notified.

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You have not applied for any tuition job so far.


How long do I have to wait until the class is confirmed?

We can't say for sure. The reason is because we don't know when will the parents confirm the class. The parents may need to discuss with their spouse or children. They may need more time to compare the qualification, experience, and expected rate of the applicants. As soon as the parents give us confirmation, we will contact you by phone call.

How many tutors are needed in each class?

Generally one tutor is needed in each class.

You may contact us for any inquiries