The level of experience and qualification of a tutor determine the tuition rates. Higher rates will be applicable for tutors with many years of experience as well as tutors with higher qualifications. Lesson duration as well as frequency of lessons can be determined by the parent. This is one of the reason why home tuition is getting more and more popular nowaday as we promise to accomodate the needs of parents based on their preference.

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The easiest way, of course, is to consult our tuition coordinators as they can clear your doubts and work around your budget and requirements. Besides that, we promise to help you shortlist the best available tutors efficiently. We wont charge any commission from you as we will only share 50% of first month tuition fee with the tutor as the commission.

The table below provides a guideline for the current market rates for tuition.


Level Lower Pri Upper Pri Lower Sec Upper Sec JC
A-Levels / Diploma20-30/hr25-30/hr25-35/hr30-40/hr35-45/hr
Degree Holder / Full Time Tutor25-35/hr30-35/hr30-40/hr35-45/hr45-65/hr
NIE-Trained Teacher~50/hr~50/hr50-70/hr50-80/hr65-120/hr

High qualification of private home tutor coupled with many years of experience or travelling distance to place of tuition are some possible reasons on why there are occasional differences in tuition rates. Thus, do only take the above rate table as a guideline to the tuition rates.


The monthly tuition fees are calculated on a 4-weeks basis.

For example, if the tutor charges SGD 25 per hour; and you choose to have classes 2 times a week; 1.5 hours for each class, the monthly tuition fees should be SGD 300:

Rate per Hour Frequency Duration Rate per Week Monthly Rate
25 2 classes per week 1.5 hour per class 25 x 2 x 1.5 = 75 75 x 4 = 300

The number of tuition subjects do not change the tuition fees. The tuition fees stay the same.

Tuition Fees Calculator
Tutor Qualification Level
Frequency : Duration H
Market Rate
Monthly Fees

Because different tutors offer different tuition rates according to

  • Their travel distance from their place to your house
  • Their experience
  • Their qualification

Therefore, the rates above only serve as guidelines. Home Tuition Care plays no part in determining the rates. It's the tutor who offer the rate.


You can find another student to join your tuition class to share the cost. Alternatively, you may contact us for additional information. Our tuition coordinators can provide multiple suggestions in order to cater to your budget.

Please contact us for further details.