Increasingly over the years, parents have begun to engage their children in home tuition. Many of them feel that it is a good way to reinforce what was taught in school. Others believe that the extra practice aids the child’s learning and produces better results. Either way, home tuition has undeniably proven itself to be the number one choice amongst most Singaporeans because of all its benefits.

Greater attention is given to individual children

One-to-one tuition concentrates on the needs of each child by focusing 100% attention on them. Children are able to grasp concepts better when the lessons are tailored to their specific needs. They are also able to form a close relationship with their tutor and open up more to clear their doubts.

Professional guidance

Our tutors are highly experienced and know the school curriculum well. Hence, they are able to teach concepts which are on par with the lessons taught in school. Students are given extra practises and taught exam formats. They are more exposed to exam based questions and this gives them an added advantage over their schoolmates.

Targets strengths and weaknesses

Private tutors are able to spend more time brushing up on the child’s weaker chapters. This helps to ensure that these areas are fully understood before moving on to higher levels. Similarly, tutors also tap on the child’s strengths and polish them up further so that important concepts are not forgotten.

Studying at the comfort of your own home

One of the most convenient forms of learning is home tuition. The child and parent do not have to waste time and money on travelling. The time saved can be used to do further revision. Also, the child will feel at ease when studying in a familiar environment. If the child forgets to bring something for the tuition, they can simply slip back into their room to get it. Home tuition makes it easier for the child to study at the comfort of their own home.

Flexible Timing

Tuition classes can be rescheduled when necessary. Lesson content will not be missed if a class is rescheduled and the child will not have to fall behind syllabus. The tuition fee is also not wasted when the child is unable to attend a class. The timing of the tuition is flexible and the child can arrange it according to his/her timetable.


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